Meaning, why they happen and what to do

Now that you know all about recurring dreams, you’re probably wondering if there’s any way to stop what you’ve been doing for years. And according to Ellis and Loenberg, of course there is.

The best way to stop dreaming is to take time to determine what the dream is telling you – and then start taking steps to do it.

“If it’s a stressful dream around an exam, for example, you need to be better prepared for what is to come. If it’s a traumatic dream, you’ll probably need to spend time with a trauma therapist, ideally related to memory processing. If it feels manageable.” Either from yourself, try to go back to the recurring dream of your mind’s eye, immerse yourself in it and let it move forward in a resolution ৷ it usually changes something in some way and sometimes the dream doesn’t come back, “says Alice Mbg.

As Loenberg adds, repetitive dreams indicate a “stuck”, so stopping the dream means getting stuck. “When you get that repetitive dream, it’s a subconscious way of disturbing us. And until we get the message and work on it, we have to say the same thing over and over again – so acting in repetitive dreams is the best way to stop it,” he said. Explains.

Ellis and Loenberg are both proponents of dream journalism, which can help you interpret your dreams right after they happen. This can be especially helpful if a dream wakes you up, as writing down your thoughts about the dream can help clear your mind so you can go back to sleep.

And of course, if your recurring dream is also a stressful one, it’s important to work on reducing the stress of your waking life so that it doesn’t go into your dreams যা which brings us to the next point.

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