Mercury is inverted again – here’s what you need to know

You may know that Mercury “retreats” when it revolves around the Sun and crosses the Earth. From our point of view, it looks like Mercury is receding (although it is not). And since Mercury is a planet of communication, information, logic, and transportation, walking through this backspin can be confusing with all of these themes.

According to psychotherapist and astrologer Jennifer Fried, PhD, this particular backwardness begins in Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury. It will then move to the Taurus sign, further influencing the Torian theme, until it goes straight once again on June 3rd.

“So the first bit of this retrospective represents a lot of complex wordplay and Gemini, which is going to create confusion around the mind and our networks. And it really does rule out technology, to a degree, so we can expect some fun distractions with that technology,” Fried explained. By

“And then it goes back to Taurus, and it’s a whole different ballgame … We’re going to face different challenges around how we think about our money and our bodies,” he added.

And as a FYI, Fried says that we will all be affected by this transit, although if this Mercury’s inverted position lands exactly on your sun, moon or rising sign, “you will have an extra chance to think consciously.”

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