Mood Support, Hormonal Balance and Other Amazing Vitamin C Benefits *

Ashley Jordan Ferira, a Ph.D. “The fact is that young people versus adults are more likely to have poor vitamin C status (e.g., blood levels of serum ascorbic acid), so pay close attention to your eyes and these essential micronutrients,” he said. Especially important in life. “*

Why? As it turns out, your eyes are constantly breaking down, synthesizing and making new cells, and this allows free radicals to thrive if not checked. “Therefore, the eye needs additional antioxidant protection from free radicals and reactive oxygen species,” Holtzer said. “Vitamin C may provide that antioxidant protection.” *

According to Scott Kettley, RD of Kettle Medical Nutrition Therapy, Vitamin C helps keep the natural lens of the eye clean and maintains visual health as we age, thanks to its antioxidant action. *

A Ophthalmology A survey of 5,638 participants over the age of 60 in India found that vitamin C status was inversely linked to eye-health concerns. * In other words, the more vitamin C they had, the more likely they were to maintain healthy eyesight. *

The funny thing is, the Ophthalmology Studies have shown that other antioxidants (ie, lutein, xanthine, retinol, beta-carotene and alpha-tocopherols) have a positive effect on participants’ eye health, and these antioxidant compounds provide deep vision and clarity. *

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