My vaginismus was caught after years of painful sex

The experience of pelvic floor PT had such a profound effect on my life. Why have I never heard of this care before? When I try to find the answer to this question, I discover that every year 40 million women suffer from pelvic floor problems, only a few thousand pelvic floor PTs are available for their treatment. And most do not take out insurance. Like many other issues that affect only women, it was a field of healthcare that received little support or recognition এবং and it added to my passion for it.

I reconnected with my friend who told me about the first pelvic floor PT and we both agreed that we need to make this incredible care accessible to everyone, including vaginal anatomy. Together, we co-founded Origin, a Companies that specialize in PT. For sexual health, pregnancy, postpartum and menopausal problems. So it includes issues like pain with penis, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and recovery after penis confirmation vaginoplasty.

We are not only focused on spreading the word to individuals, we are working to educate other healthcare providers so that they can refer their patients to the pelvic floor PT. Many primary care physicians, even gynecologists and obstetricians, do not yet know that physical therapy can help with these problems and eliminate the need for unnecessary surgery. But once they learn about pelvic floor PT they quickly become lawyers.

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