What it is, benefits and ingredients

There is no shortage of studies to support the Mediterranean diet এটি it offers many potential health benefits, such as improved blood sugar control, better cardiovascular results (such as lower blood pressure and cholesterol), and help maintain a healthy inflammatory response. But adding keto angles can take things up a notch.

In a 2021 study, researchers compared the results of following a Mediterranean diet vs. keto diet for 12 weeks. Although both plans resulted in the same rate, participants in the Keto diet experienced better glucose control and a more significant reduction in triglyceride and LDL levels. They have lost more weight on average.

In another study published in 2021 Nutrients, Researchers have come out to compare a Mediterranean diet with a low carbohydrate diet. They divided the 36 participants into two groups - one following a traditional Mediterranean diet, the other following a low-carb (but not completely keto) nutrition plan with the same amount of calories.

Although both groups experienced health benefits, such as improved insulin sensitivity, the low carbohydrate group lost about 60% more weight on average.

Researchers have also looked at the unlimited-calorie Mediterranean keto diet, in particular, and found that it can reduce weight, normalize blood pressure, and reduce total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides. It can raise HDL, or "good," cholesterol.

A 2011 study showed similar results, although it is noteworthy that participants in this study took plant-based herbal extracts for their overall nutritional intake.

In addition to the physical health benefits, the Mediterranean keto diet is also slightly more flexible than the traditional keto diet. Since there is no focus on strict macro calculations, many people find it easier to adhere to the long-term than the traditional keto diet. It can also be adapted to other food choices, such as vegetarian or vegan plans.

But like any new diet plan, there may be a time of adjustment when you first start. If you are coming from a really high-carbohydrate diet, you may experience some signs of carbohydrate withdrawal.

The most common symptoms of carbohydrate withdrawal are headache, effects on digestion regularity, bad breath, muscle cramps, muscle weakness and mild headache. These symptoms usually resolve on their own within two weeks of starting a low-carb diet, during which time you may notice swelling symptoms and low sugar cravings.


When it comes to vitamin C absorption, form and function

"Vitamin C is absorbed in the small intestine where there is a group of different proteins that it can absorb," Michelle explains. It's easy enough - so what's the problem with vitamin C absorption?

Well, there is a form of vitamin C (and many supplements) in food called ascorbic acid. According to Mitchell, the potential challenge with ascorbic acid (high levels) absorption is that it is easily saturated - take concentrated amounts of vitamin C at a time in this form and you are not likely to absorb excess.

However, there are important differences: when the gut is exposed to low levels of ascorbic acid (i.e., less than 400 mg), an active transport system absorbs vitamin C (i.e., carries nutrients through the gut and into the bloodstream, where This is what the body needs).

As soon as these active transports are overwhelmed, the passive diffusion begins to absorb the rest of the vitamin C (which is a fairly ineffective process). The truth is that absorption is not as easy as it may seem, and the fact is that there seems to be a limit to the absorption of ascorbic acid, which can make it difficult to reap all the benefits of high potency sources (if they feature the ascorbic acid form).

Also, Vitamin C is soluble in water, which means it dissolves in water (as the name implies), but this type of vitamin cannot be stored in your body for later use.

You may become more familiar with the process of fat-soluble vitamins - including D, E, A and K - which are absorbed and stored in tissues. Alternatively, extra water-soluble vitamins are eliminated, which allows you to start fresh every day.

Your body can control about 300 to 400 milligrams of pure ascorbic acid form vitamin C (which is a really beneficial, low-dose, multivitamin and other multi-ingredient complex) at a time, but higher doses are less absorbed, according to Michelle.

"It's more than enough to absorb most of the vitamin C you get from food, but supplements can be a different story," he explained. Due to the saturation phenomenon, the residue of that valuable vitamin C from an ascorbic acid supplement will, for example, theoretically be flushed down the toilet (i.e., you will urinate it).


2 main causes of constipation + how to move things

A few years ago, we only thought of constipation in terms of mobility. Unfortunately, we missed something very important. Mobility is important, but it is impossible to defecate if you cannot relax your hip muscles. I don't mean glue / buti / left. I'm talking about the four extra muscles that make up your rectal canal and pelvic floor. They are there to prevent incontinence, and thanks to that, they usually work quite well. This barrier is designed to keep our lingerie fresh until we hover over a commode and consciously choose to initiate a sequence of synchronized pelvic muscle relaxation that clears the way for the introduction of a microbial torpedo. Unfortunately, many of us think that when we want to defecate, these pelvic muscles will behave the way we want them to. This is not a reality for many of my patients and perhaps for some of you.

There is a condition called pelvic dysnergia where the muscles fail to relax when they are supposed to, and in some cases, they actually contract. This leads to a situation where the only way to defecate is to strain and push, often a small nugget slips out. Or, people feel the shape of a strange stool or feel that they can never be completely empty. Another symptom is going once, then going back to the bathroom again after 45 minutes. All of these indicate pelvic dysnergia.


Reveal old patterns this week

One of the energy patterns happening this week that I mentioned at least once in the last few months in this column is the opening of the heart cycle and the feeling of being connected to who you really are.

In my podcast, Magic Monday, over the years of reporting on this energy, I have noticed that energy patterns often come, go, and then repeat for months. I noticed that through this repetitive dance, the patterns of this energy give us the opportunity to really bring them together.

We humans don’t always get it right the first time, and in fact, it would be weird if we did. We are not computers; We are spiritual beings that need time to process and integrate.

Luckily for us, we are getting another chance to boost that heart cycle this week. When I tune in during the week, I feel like my heart is opening up and a chance to enjoy and embrace who we are. I like it because when we feel happy we have a lot more connection with the real. This is the connection outside of family programming, who we really are. It is self-pity and self-connection.

When we let ourselves feel it, it can feel like a leap of faith. It can even feel scary, especially if you've been heavy for a while. It can lead to questions like, "Who am I to enjoy my life right now? Am I really (or at all) worthy of loving myself?"

What I say in answer to these questions: We have all made mistakes in our lives. We all have ugly thoughts and bad decisions. And each of us deserves to enjoy our lives. Each of us deserves to love ourselves. Yes you too.

And if you find it very difficult to do it for yourself, please know that the more you feel worthy and in love, the more light you will shed on the earth. When we can forgive and empathize with ourselves, we are usually more generous with the people around us and better at creating a place where they too can feel forgiveness and empathy.

But don't do it for them - do it for yourself. Remember: you deserve it.

The other part of this week has the old patterns mentioned above এবং and they’re coming fast. But it seems to me more like a release than can be imagined. So, if you see old patterns, tune in to that heart cycle and let it anchor you through it. Feel your feelings, and with self-empathy, watch them as they walk the path of happiness.


How to decode your wearable data from Performance MD

When we can manually track when we go to sleep and when we wake up, between those two events is how long we sleep. It is also important to have adequate time in the most restful state of sleep: deep sleep and REM sleep. This is what determines the quality of sleep. Deep sleep is important for physical relaxation and REM sleep is especially important for creativity and mental relaxation (e.g. cementing memory).

Insights into your sleep quality from some wearable devices can be very helpful if you use them to evaluate which behaviors affect your sleep quality and ability to get the amount you want to do your best.

How to use tracker for sleep? Don’t just measure your sleep time - also keep an eye on behaviors that may affect the quality or quantity of your sleep. For example, we know that eating time, pre-bed screen time, drinking alcohol or caffeine, and working out of bed can all affect sleep.

To get the most out of your sleep data, compare this to other behaviors that you may need to track manually. Looking at these data side by side may enable you to see what affects your sleep the most, which will be different from anyone else.

For example, your friend may be able to have one or two beers and have no problem sleeping through the night, but it may disturb you to wake up at 2 o'clock. On the other hand, you may be able to work in bed all day, but if he does the same, Can't read


A nutrition PhD breaks down a comprehensive longevity study

While the goal is always to take in a normocaloric pattern of nutrients (i.e., for your calories to match your personalized metabolic needs), there are a few things to keep in mind. For example, when the amount of regular calorie intake exceeds the requirement, this can lead to a loss of energy balance.

When it comes to maintaining energy balance, I don't have to say that our current food environment is working against us. Over the past few decades, we have experienced a major one-two-punch: portion sizes have increased dramatically, while the nutritional quality of our food has declined.

What's more, we know from rats and primates Homo sapiens Saving yourself those calories not only helps one gain and maintain a healthy weight but more importantly, results in positive changes in body composition, such as less excess adiposity (fat mass) and more lean muscle tissue (fat-free mass).

Conversely, excess calories, fat storage, insulin resistance, and short lifespan are all intertwined. It's not as fun as twisting. For example, we know that higher insulin levels are clearly associated with accelerated aging, a relationship that is preserved in many species.

Low calorie intake is directly related to the benefits of cardiometabolic health in terms of insulin sensitivity, heart physiology and even liver health. Furthermore, clinical studies indicate that calorie-saving biomarkers lead to improvements that indicate that "the pace of aging has been delayed."

Has anyone else's mind been blown away by the fact that we literally have the power to move ourselves for our well-being and the fulfillment of life? I personally find it very empowering.


7 Benefits of Guarana, the berry behind our focus supplement

Like other sources of caffeine, guarana (e.g., coffee and tea) is recognized as a safe plant with a long history of use. Although complications and complaints are rare, in some cases side effects are possible.

Guarana, for example, can affect blood pressure, so it can have a negative effect if you are sensitive to caffeine or have high blood pressure. Additionally, eating too much of the ingredient can cause cramps and caffeine can contribute to the crash, while taking it too late in the day can disrupt your beauty sleep.

As Naidu points out, we all respond differently to caffeine, mainly due to the uniqueness of our liver metabolism genetics, as well as the microbiome of our personalized gut. That said, it's important to pay attention to how you react to caffeinated ingredients - guarana or otherwise - and use that information to personalize the amount and timing of your intake.

To play it safe, avoid high levels of guarana, as you don’t need too much to reap the benefits. "Generally, a dose lower than 100 mg is sufficient to provide benefits," notes Pasquarillo. It is also a good idea to consult with your healthcare provider before adding guarana to your routine, just as you would with any supplement, he adds.


Dr. Barbara Storm Ultimate Stinky Pimple Treatment Review

The treatment comes from Dr. Barbara Storm's new collection of microbiotics, Which focuses on balancing younger, more acne-prone skin. In the formula, you will find a mixture of pre- and probiotics to nurture the skin microbiome, which is extremely important when resolving inflammatory conditions like acne. Remember: The microflora of your skin is an important part of the barrier function, which makes the skin less permeable (i.e., bad things can get in; good things can get out).

It contains panthenol and allantoin which help to soothe irritation and redness. Panthenol, in particular, can also help with the wound healing process, attract moisture and promote skin regeneration - all good things when you're working with blemishes.

But let's address the smelly elephant in the room? As the name implies, the smell of healing ... less than that of a star. The formula contains shell oil, which has an intense, sulfur-like odor. Topically, shale oil has been found to enhance wound healing and provide antimicrobial properties, so rest assured, the brand has not added odors for no reason. It smells the strongest when applied, but I don't notice the smell when the formula dries out (only you were worried about wearing it during the day).

In that note, the formula also contains rice starch, which has a matting, oil-absorbing effect. So if you want to treat And Cover with a jet, you can easily apply a thin layer, let it dry, then dab into some concealer.


A full lunar eclipse is coming – here’s your horoscope

The correct astrological full moon will rise at 12:15 a.m. EST on Monday, May 15th. The Moon will be in Scorpio at 25 degrees, while the Sun will be in Taurus at 25 degrees. The Moon also has a complete lunar eclipse, with the Sun joining the North Node in Taurus and the Moon joining the South Node in Scorpio.

Since the moon (connected with emotion) is connected to the southern node (connected to the past), many people can revisit, re-process and / or release people, feelings and relationships from their past during this eclipse.

And since the Moon is in Scorpio, there is also a distinct theme of mental transformation, an opportunity to change or gain insights that help us move towards religion or destiny. This eclipse is due to the connection of the Sun with the North Node (Fate) and Uranus (Change of Insight / Flash).

This eclipse in Scorpio is also ruled by Pluto, who creates a favorable sexual relationship with the moon and the southern nodes, emphasizing the double-transformative power. And with Mars forming a train for the moon and the southern node, it activates and infuses the eclipse with the force of movement and demand.

The effects of eclipses sometimes take months or years to fully manifest. During intense eclipses, energy is being set up that will have a lasting effect for several years.

I recommend checking horoscopes for your Sun and crescent signs - they can also have values ​​for Moon signs.


Here are 5 ways to make your night routine more meaningful

If you do not consider yourself a spiritual person, feel free to avoid it. However, if there is a place of spirituality in your life, then you can enjoy some kind of one night practice. There are many ways to do this and it may take some testing and error to find something that you truly enjoy. Here are some ideas to play with you:

Meditation: It can be anywhere from one minute to half an hour or more depending on your preference. There are many ways to meditate, so check out this breakdown of the main styles to find out which one attracts you the most.

Spiritual Lessons: Think of yourself as a bookworm? If so, reading a spiritual lesson every night may be a good way for you to practice spirituality every day while doing your favorite thing. Spend some time in the spiritual section of the bookstore or browse the web to find something that will pique your interest and give it a shot.

Spend time in nature: Who says you have to walk every day when you get up? Walking in some evenings and connecting with nature is a great way to nurture your spiritual side. If you feel uncomfortable walking alone in the dark, be sure to let it happen before sunset or hire a friend or family member to join you.