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This solar cycle is known to heat up the surrounding activity. Considering living in a bi-city? Check the passenger water and see how it flows. In the sign of the twins, it's fun to have a plus-one as a companion for all the favorite activities. Find a friend to work out, go to shows or share services like babysitting and carpooling. (Note: You may have separate "twins" for each activity!) As a cosmic communicator, Gemini encourages us to write, broadcast, and create media. Get ideas from your head and into the world!

But remember! Mercury Is Still back until June 3rd, so you'll want to think through every word until then. And since Sunday, the details have become more satanic as Mercury retreats from a zodiac sign, from busy Gemini to the business-first Taurus. The rest of the retreat until June 63 — we will feel the stubborn, stubborn slowness of the bull while playing. Pro Tip: If a string of green light suddenly turns red, don't charge the front like a gust of wind! Instead, view this mandatory deadline as a hidden blessing. Go back to the drawing board and review all your plans from budget to timeline. No sudden money movement! With Mercury’s scrambling signal, it’s hard to say a lemon from luxury theft.

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How mbg’s dream fog completes my cozy night routine

I spend a lot of time thinking about sleep. Aside from being one of the bits of my writing here at MBG, it’s also my personal passion. (Being under the cover after a long day is basically the language of my love.) I am the one who needs eight to nine hours hard at night to feel my best and I always ask for new ways to improve my existing sleep habits.

If the experts I interviewed agree on one thing is that if you want to get a good night's sleep, a solid air-down routine is essential.

I like the way psychologist Shelby Harris, Saidi, DBSM, once explained: The human body does not come with an on-off switch. We can’t pack our days with work, commitment and to-do and then hopefully our brain will shut down a second time when we go to bed. Most of us like 30 minutes to an hour every night to clear our mind and relax before going to sleep.

After hearing over and over again that night rituals are not only pleasurable but actually essential, I have become more diligent about myself. To make sure I actually had enough time before bed, I started setting a night alarm so I could keep track and eat dinner early if possible.

Then, while going to bed, I would enjoy some screen-free activities to take a break from my mind: I would wash, write in my journal, and read a book. Then, when it comes time to stop my soothing night routine, I arrive for one thing: the fog of MBG dreams.


How long does caffeine last? Tell me if it will hold you up

Caffeine stays in your system longer than you think. The half-life of caffeine অর্থাৎ that is, the time it takes for the body to process only half সাধারণত usually varies from about five hours, but can vary from one to nine hours, says Meredith Broderick, MD, neurologist and sleep specialist.

Most caffeine (i.e., the instant-release thing) is completely absorbed 45 minutes after eating, but does not leave the body for a while. According to Kogan, it can take up to 10 hours for caffeine to be fully metabolized.

Less common, enhanced varieties of caffeine deliberately prolong the release of caffeine over time, maintaining its levels in the blood and its benefits, while buffering against horrific "crash" events. This means that you want to take it before the day, so the strong effects do not bleed into your night routine.

As you can imagine, not everyone metabolizes caffeine in the same way, which makes a difference in a person's experience. Caffeine sensitivity depends on age, gender, genetic makeup and environmental factors (e.g., whether the person smokes or is pregnant), Broderick shares.

As mentioned, your genes also have a profound effect on your sensitivity to caffeine. “Variations in the CYP1A2 and AHR genes have been shown to affect how fast the body metabolizes caffeine. Studies have also shown that people with different ADORA2A genes experience stronger caffeine effects and longer longevity, ”Kogan notes.

A classic eight-ounce cup of coffee contains about 96 milligrams of caffeine. But to be honest, most of us are more likely to eat 16 ounces of distilled coffee or cold brew, which contains twice as much caffeine. A 2018 review says that the average American adult consumes about 200 milligrams of caffeine per day, confirming this estimate.


Textures, styling tips and products

2B looks like a loose wave and often has a very defined S-wave shape — even without the need for styling. Although the roots are fairly straight, if you have 2B hair, you will find that your wave pattern starts from mid-length and continues to the end.

2B hair, much like the higher hair types on the Andre Walker scale, can be deceptive because your defined wave pattern means you can technically lose the length of the pattern. This means that getting wet can make your hair look longer than it is when it is completely dry. Kelly Harrison, brand manager at BIOTOP Professional, notes that 2B hair is "thick, full and beautiful ... if you don't know how to handle this type of hair, your curls may look wild and irregular."

Because of your visible texture, you will see that dryness is a constant battle. Like the true curls and coals of type 3 and 4, the natural oils created on your scalp can fight to travel down your hair follicles completely. As a result, dry edges are a common complaint. And if you do not find the right moisture balance, you will find that you are experiencing more intense tingling, tingling and even split edges.

If that’s not enough, type 2 hair can be good, which means clear go-to like coconut oil or shea butter, which is great for type 3 and 4 heads, can leave you with oily locks that look greasy. Instead, you need to look for lighter formulations that help to quench thirsty hair without weight loss.


How to use Super Moon in Scorpio

Given that this moon is going to emphasize the need to leave our luggage, and we're in the back of Mercury, Fried recommends writing old, limited stories that will no longer serve you and burn them out.

"With each story, bless them for the lessons you've learned from them - because everything that happens to us, we can be gifted with three things: knowledge, strength and inspiration," he tells mbg. "Write down painful experiences. Write down painful memories. And write down the things you still hold against yourself. Burn them on fire and bless them for the way they have served you."

From there, Fried says the most important thing you can do with a full lunar eclipse is write a current announcement. Ask yourself what you're committed to now - it doesn't have to be complicated. Just make sure the words are positive and empowering, she says. For example, What I am committed to now is a life of transformative serviceNo, I don't want to break up anymore.

"So the first part is to clean and the second part is purpose. And then since it is in Scorpio, which is a sign of water, I really want to finish any kind of ritual with bath or shower, where you allow yourself. Clean and renew, "Fred advises.

And last but not least, he further mentioned that there may be urges to act emotionally or be reckless around this moon, but this is not the right time for him. "Reckless behavior or extreme behavior is bad advice," he warns.


How a room and linen mist can help create a meditative ritual

This is why I started using an aromatherapy fog at the beginning of my session. Smell is a powerful tool that can affect your mood and your headspace. Mindy Young — a perfume expert, Reiki healer, and founder of perfumery — once described to me "you actually feel the scent: it triggers our emotions and memories before you are able to process the actual experience," and since I Trying to use perfume ingredients for, such as Mindbodygreen's dream fog.

Our new linen spray is a soothing blend of essential oils that relaxes the mind. Our soothing blends were made from science-backed ingredients with relaxing properties. Lavender Essential Oil is a favorite in many homes and is loved for its scented floral scent. Sandalwood is an ancient oil that is essential for many meditative practices in many cultures; These warm and rich notes are the foundation of our fog. Finally, there are two flowers: Roman chamomile is wild-harvested in Europe and gives a medicinal note, while the wild-harvested linden flower is airy and light. Together, these can be used to create an environment that calms your senses and takes you to the headspace for meditation.

I like to spray it on my meditation pillow and in the air around me before I close my eyes and start a guided meditation or start my mantra. (I alternate between the two types of meditation, since some days I need a little help, other days I think I can easily get into the headspace.) Instantly, I feel overwhelmed with comfort.


Why people tend to clean up when they feel stressed

When you're worried about something, it can be hard to let go of the constant flow of anxiety in your mind অথবা or what the cross refers to as "chatter." At that point, Cross advises relying on a ritual: "I like to call them ancient chatterboxes. One thing they do is give us a sense of discipline and control, which is often lacking when we feel it." Talk to you soon and keep up the good content. "

In addition to feeling the agency, being involved in a ritual can literally take your mind off what is bothering you. “They often demand attention, so they need to focus on these practices to get you to perform them. And it often diverts attention from the chat to something else, "Cross explained.

The event you perform can take many forms, such as gardening or going for a walk. It turns out, though, that a particularly helpful option is to clean up: "When I feel a little gossipy, I'll do something very unusual to me আমি I'll organize and clean up," Cross explains. "What I'm doing there is very similar to how a ritual helps us by creating order around me. It gives me this sense of agency and control that I lack when I'm blabbering on." In other words: you can't control a negative event in your life, but you can control the chaos in your home.

And when you know Why You perform this ritual, then whenever you feel pressure you can use it as a tool, which only enhances its benefits. “One of the values ​​of learning about these tools and learning about science is that it allows us to be truly intentional,” he shares. “So you know that the moment you start to talk, you're going to do these three or four things. You don't have to wait for something to happen that will help you. "


There is something to know about health coaching

If you are ready to jump in and become an NBHWC coach, there are several qualifying courses (108 approved programs, rightly so!) That you can earn your certificate. The first step is to determine which NBHWC-approved course would be most appropriate. Visit their website to get a better idea of ​​pricing, timing and other important information.

Enrolling in some courses requires an associate's degree or a certain amount of work experience and you will be expected to complete coaching sessions throughout the program. Additionally, some programs require substantial time commitment — from eight months to a year — while others require participants to take additional courses that are not directly related to health coaching or NBC-HWC certification. So, it is important to look at each program to determine which one is most suitable for your current financial position and how much time you are willing to devote.

After completing the course and submitting your coaching session log, you can expect to complete the process with a comprehensive examination of the material covered. The exam explores your knowledge of the coaching structure, process, health and wellness, and the ethical and legal situation, so that you can form a complete idea about health coaching before entering the field. It sounds like a lot (and it does) but the work you do will help set you up for success.


Does caffeine really give you energy? Experts explain

"[Caffeine] Do you really have the ability to be alert when someone is tired, and in many cases it enhances behavior, ”said Matthew W. Johnson, PhD, professor of psychology and behavioral science at Johns Hopkins.

“You can call that energy, but there must be a rebound effect when working with meaningful doses. So, you can say that it increases energy in the short run at long cost, up to a degree, ”he explains.

In fact, "cognitive and physical strength is a temporary gift that gives instant release caffeine," * shared Ashley Jordan Ferreira, PhD, RDN, Vice President of Science at MBG. "Caffeine's 'crash' event, or rebound effect, also has a high probability of being experienced with instant-free caffeine," he explains.

But as it turns out, increased release caffeine exists. "These durable caffeine release profiles feature innovative absorption technology to flatten out the increased caffeine levels in your body, thereby prolonging efficacy, minimizing horrific crashes," * Ferreira said. If you ask us, this seems to be the best of both worlds.

In the case of nutrition (i.e., where calories define metabolic energy), caffeine does not provide that type of nutrient 101 textbook energy at all. "Despite what it may seem like, caffeine intake does not increase cellular energy production (ATP) or provide fuel (e.g., protein, fat, carbohydrates) for muscle function," shares Integrative Registered Dietitian Whitney Crouch, RDN. CLT

But Crouch highlights that caffeine's energetic reputation lies in its true meaning: "Stimulating stimulating neurotransmitters, it makes the brain jump-start like adrenaline, which sends messages to the rest of the body to perform functions." *


Mood-Lifting, Strengthening Effects of MBG Focus Supplement *

A strong bioactive found in black tea, green tea and certain types of mushrooms, L-theinine works in combination with caffeine to increase focus, strength and concentration. "If you want. *

When I moved to Hawaii and started drinking matches, I discovered the effects of L-theinine. Although I did love the earthy, umami flavored match, it was not the taste that won me over. Thanks to L-theanine, I knew very well in my coffee drinking days that I enjoyed all the focus and concentration of caffeine in the match without any shaking or horrible caffeine crunch.

I stumbled upon a whole new world of opportunity. Although L-theanine is often associated with macha and other green teas, some smart nootropic supplements (i.e., supplements that enhance cognitive function) include these naturally occurring compounds in their formulas to soothe the central nervous system and support brain function. With caffeine, the synergistic cognitive effects are incomparable, which I have personally experienced. *

According to published research Nutritional Neuroscience, I am not the only one who has realized the cognitive advantages of this dynamic pair A 2008 study found that the combination of L-theinine and caffeine helped people cope with cognitive tasks with speed and accuracy. And Makes them less susceptible to confusion. * Similarly, a 2010 study found that compounds worked together to significantly increase alertness and ability to focus. *

With all these incredible benefits behind my mind, you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that MindbodyGreen is launching this strategy duo: a focus supplement with an array of nootropic botanicals including plant-source caffeine and bioactive L-theinine.