Pimples in your hairline? Because, correction and much more

The breakout experience is certainly not desirable, but nonetheless it happens to everyone in some amazing place. Not so funny: You can get acne anywhere you have pores … anywhere on the body. Due to the increase in oil production some areas are certainly more common than others, but technically sensitive to breakouts anywhere porous.

One of the strangest places you can see is the small pores popping up along the hairline. These pimples are not necessarily caused by the same factors that trigger facial or body acne and should be treated a little differently because it involves hair. We’re going to take you on a look at the causes of hairline breakouts, how to prevent them from recurring, and how to differentiate them from acne scalp. Let’s get into this.

What causes hairline breakouts?

There Tons There are several reasons for this type of breakout (and generally open jealousy), but here are a few common ones.


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Makeup buildup

When you clean your skin, it is essential to wash your face with your hair line, the rules of which number one Katie Sobelman, an organic esthetician and skincare educator, teaches her clients who struggle with hairline breakouts. “First of all, I want to make sure that they clean their whole face thoroughly. Small strips of skin just before the hairline are often avoided when cleaning. If breakouts continue, I’d like to revisit their hair care routine, “said Sobelman.

Especially if you regularly mix your foundation, powder or bronzer into your hair line (which is great for an even, natural-looking base), you need to wash off all that makeup at the end of the day, otherwise, it’s time to create



We know that it can be annoying for those who survive to layering their hair with oil or sprinkle your roots with dry shampoo, but we have to tell you the truth: Or super-exclusive, oil-based products (i.e. Argan Oil), ”says Neda Mehr, board-certified dermatologist and founder of Pure Dermatology Cosmetics and Hair Center. This means you can consider your hair products to be a little more breakout-friendly. Don’t worry, we have some tips to help below


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Sweatbands and headbands

A good headband keeps your strands back, whether it’s for exercise or just for a reason, but they can also cause hair line breakouts. “Basically any substance at any time – be it facial oil, hair products, facial moisturizer or sweat – sticks to that area and if you wear a headband or sweatband, that’s usually the reason,” Meher explains. So if you experience a hairline breakout, be sure to wash your headband after wearing it.


Dirty build up

Do not wash your hair every day (of course depending on your hair type and scalp condition). That being said, the longer you wait for hair to be cleaned, the more likely it is that oil and dirt will accumulate and break the hair line. So make sure you use dry shampoo for real hair cleanser when you need it.


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Dirty pillow

A dirty pillow can cause breakouts on the skin, including hair lines. While you are more likely to have cracks in areas where your pillow touches you the most, such as your cheeks, your hairline is also susceptible to contamination from a dirty pillow. Be sure to throw it in the wash every week — or go the extra mile with a satin pillow. It boasts benefits for both your hair and skin (more on that here).

How to prevent acne.

Now that you know why hairline acne occurs, let’s find out how you can get rid of it. Of course, your best strategy depends on the cause of your breakout in the first place. These rules are generally the best practice for the health of your skin, but especially for the hairline.

  • Clean your face with your hair line (your baby’s hair should be wet)
  • Use clean hair care products
  • Don’t go Too much Long without washing your hair
  • Wash your pillow case weekly
  • If you can, brush your hair daily while drying to control oil production

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How to cure existing pimples

When it comes to acne that has already claimed a spot along your hair line, there are a few ways to encourage them to disappear more quickly. Below, find our favorite products to reduce the appearance of irritating pimples, including a mixture of skin and hair products.

The best product for hairline breakouts

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This shampoo is designed to relieve dandruff because it contains a chemical exfoliant but also doubles as an anti-hairline pimple alternative. With 2% salicylic acid, this wash helps to cleanse the pores and dry skin by making sure to clean the pores and hair lines of your scalp. This powerful active ingredient is mixed with chamomile and aloe vera to keep your scalp calm and serene.

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If you want a product that uses natural ingredients that actually work, look no further. This product contains standout breakout fighters such as Witch Hazel, Pink Clay, Squalene and Zinc (which can help control sebum production if used topically). It’s full of hydrating ingredients that create a safe environment for your breakout to heal, rather it dries out and destroys the surrounding moisture barrier এবং and leads to more problems. Use one to two pumps on the affected area and leave overnight.

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If salicylic acid alone is not enough, this shampoo is a natural protagonist: doubles the hairline pimples by calling the tea tree oil. This astringent oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, but keeps your moisture barrier intact. This product also packs the cooling power of menthol, which helps to soothe an irritated scalp. As always, be sure to work this shampoo on your hair and reach all the way to the hairline. More tea tree shampoo here.

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Benzol peroxide is a highly effective ingredient for cleansing breakouts. This mask contains 2.5% benzyl peroxide, which makes the skin strong enough to notice acne without completely snatching away the natural moisture. Peroxide is also micronized, which means it penetrates deep into the skin to fight breakout. Use as a full mask (if your skin tolerates it) or as a spot product for annoying hairline pimples.

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Clay masks can help remove impurities and promote clear skin, making them especially beneficial for acne-prone skin. This mask from Biba Los Angeles works wonders in a double-agent, an oily T-zone. And As a strong spot treatment. Since it comes in a squeeze tube instead of a jar or container, you can use as much or as little as you want without contaminating the rest of the product. But it’s a powerful one, so remember that a little goes a long way.

Hairline vs. Scalp Acne

Although you can naturally combine hairline and scalp acne, the two are not completely the same thing. “The scalp is the thickest skin on the body and has more sebaceous glands than our facial skin. It has to fight with a lot of hair which makes this skin more prone to build up,” Sobelman said. He explains that your scalp is not very efficient at maintaining barrier function, which can lead to breakouts and excessive dryness.

Although the scalp may differ from your facial skin, the same general rule applies: cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate periodically.


Hairline acne can be especially annoying, especially if they are persistent. Fortunately, if you clean your face with your hairline and shampoo your hair in the same way, then you have to go. If breakouts continue, change your hair care products. Remember: it is best to wash or clean the headbands every time you wear them. To deal with existing breakouts, reach for deep cleansing shampoos and spot treatment products. And if you want to know more about scalp breakouts, we’ve got you covered.

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