Research on how pomegranate extract can help brighten skin *

However, if you are familiar with the power of polyphenols, you know how beneficial it is to eat them too: Pomegranate Polyphenols, in particular, help build an intestinal metabolism called intestinal urolithin A, which is associated with healthy aging. And mitochondrial health. A double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial in healthy women has even shown that taking pomegranate extract orally can help normal sun-induced pigmentation (i.e., photoprotection from ultraviolet light stress on our skin). The benefits of pomegranate skin brightening?

Although there is no recommended dose for pomegranate extract at this time (since it is not an essential vitamin or mineral with a daily nutritional requirement), experts generally consider 100 mg or more to be a clinically meaningful amount, according to recent studies. This is exactly why 200 mg of 100% Pomegranate whole fruit extract in MBG (with an impressive 60 percent polyphenols, remember) supports the formation of a healthy skin barrier with phytoceramide in a cellular beauty + supplement; Astaxanthin preserves a healthy collagen level and promotes skin hydration; And ubiquinol CoQ10 promotes skin cells to “cleanse” (aka, release from debris) and actively support cellular regeneration. Hydrated, soft skin looks brighter. *

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