Research says oral astaxanthin can reduce wrinkles in 6 weeks *

A quick refresher on astaxanthin: A member of the carotenoid family, astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant that comes from microalgae — when fish (salmon, shrimp, crabs, etc.) eat this algae, astaxanthin gives them a peach pigment. It is a free-radical-fighting powerhouse that is clinically shown to improve skin hydration, increase elasticity, improve skin texture, and reduce kicker-fine lines and age spots. *

Take a look at this comprehensive review on astaxanthin for skin health: Data Summary Explains numerous astaxanthin clinical research studies for skin health outcomes. Capsules for six weeks significantly reduced the sacrifice parameters compared to participants taking the placebo pill. *

Another randomized controlled trial studied 65 healthy women and found that participants who took ataxanthin supplements had reduced wrinkles 16 weeks later than in the control group. * Finally, when 30 healthy women took astaxanthin capsules And Apply a topical astaxanthin solution for eight weeks, reducing their age in the form of spots; Not to mention, they have increased skin elasticity and improved skin texture. *

Science aside, we have a pretty good idea of ​​the astaxanthin benefit timeline for the combined study of these fascinating phytonutrients. To reduce wrinkles, six to 18 weeks seems like a benchmark; For pale age spots, eight weeks sounds like a kicker. * Of course, we are all unique individuals, so results and personalized timelines may vary for this or any botanical bioactive, but the totality of Ataxanthin research is heavy.

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