Reveal old patterns this week

One of the energy patterns happening this week that I mentioned at least once in the last few months in this column is the opening of the heart cycle and the feeling of being connected to who you really are.

In my podcast, Magic Monday, over the years of reporting on this energy, I have noticed that energy patterns often come, go, and then repeat for months. I noticed that through this repetitive dance, the patterns of this energy give us the opportunity to really bring them together.

We humans don’t always get it right the first time, and in fact, it would be weird if we did. We are not computers; We are spiritual beings that need time to process and integrate.

Luckily for us, we are getting another chance to boost that heart cycle this week. When I tune in during the week, I feel like my heart is opening up and a chance to enjoy and embrace who we are. I like it because when we feel happy we have a lot more connection with the real. This is the connection outside of family programming, who we really are. It is self-pity and self-connection.

When we let ourselves feel it, it can feel like a leap of faith. It can even feel scary, especially if you’ve been heavy for a while. It can lead to questions like, “Who am I to enjoy my life right now? Am I really (or at all) worthy of loving myself?”

What I say in answer to these questions: We have all made mistakes in our lives. We all have ugly thoughts and bad decisions. And each of us deserves to enjoy our lives. Each of us deserves to love ourselves. Yes you too.

And if you find it very difficult to do it for yourself, please know that the more you feel worthy and in love, the more light you will shed on the earth. When we can forgive and empathize with ourselves, we are usually more generous with the people around us and better at creating a place where they too can feel forgiveness and empathy.

But don’t do it for them – do it for yourself. Remember: you deserve it.

The other part of this week has the old patterns mentioned above এবং and they’re coming fast. But it seems to me more like a release than can be imagined. So, if you see old patterns, tune in to that heart cycle and let it anchor you through it. Feel your feelings, and with self-empathy, watch them as they walk the path of happiness.

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