Reviewed by David Aspir’s Danger Coffee, MBG’s health director

Some think coffee is an art, others a science. Where I stand — especially when my barista scientist prepares our pour-over coffee every morning at the kitchen counter — is a bit of both.

If I have to rank the things we take most seriously in our family that lags behind somewhere in terms of nutrition, mobility and mental health, you’ll find coffee in a top slot.

I was a gal of any-coffee-e-great-coffee type, but that mentality was completely shattered when I started learning to appreciate the taste and overall experience of a high-quality bean.

I must first admit that I was devastated by the daily chemex brews my partner Ryan made for us, always featuring a beautiful, freshly ground bean from a roster we admired.

And of course, as the health director of mbg, wellness is always at the top of the mind. So when I think that the practice of making coffee slowly is a beautiful, thoughtful practice that has its own advantages — I am always aware that the coffee we choose and how we drink it is important when it comes to wellness.

That’s why I was intrigued when I heard that David Asprey, the entrepreneur and best-selling science writer, often referred to as the “father of biohacking”, was launching his own unique offer in place of coffee, known as Danger Coffee.

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