Reviewers say that this supplement improves their sleep score

Instead, sleep support + users find that night supplements help them wake up refreshed and well rested — a feeling that gives legitimacy to their sleep scores.

“I just took one capsule, and my sleep tracker consistently showed an increase in deep and REM sleep, without any fog in the morning,” * says Sleep Support + user Michael O.

Another reviewer, Sharon M., notes that her tracker receives this supplement the night she moves less. “I’m looking for something that helps me sleep, and most importantly sleep through the night,” he wrote. “I’ve tried a lot and finally found something that works.”

Hannah Margaret Allen, executive editor of Mindbodygreen, also reached out for sleep aids to help ensure a high sleep score on her Fitbit — which ranks her sleep on a 100 scale based on REM and deep sleep, heart rate, and overnight movement time. “My goal is to stay in the 90s every night,” he wrote. “The night I get sleep support +, reaching 90 is basically a breeze.” *

We’re living one of the best days of Tech Tracker, and getting health metrics at your fingertips is easier than ever. Deep sleep is an important factor in overall well-being, and numbers don’t lie: sleep support + helps people get it. *

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