Studies show that acne can significantly affect a person’s mental health

Carmichael explains that in these high-stress moments, people often want to zero in on the other person. They I want Listening to their dates, but intrusive thoughts often take center stage. For example: Are they looking at my acne right now? I’m wondering if I’m holding my makeup. I hope my acne will not consume them.

It is not easy to navigate away from these obsessive patterns. Carmichael often asks her clients to think of some things that they can redirect their thoughts to while these intrusive thoughts can help alleviate their anxiety and be more present – but of course, it’s easier said than done.

Adult acne seems to be particularly frustrating in the professional world, Carmichael reported. Her clients battling adult acne often say that their main concern is not being taken seriously, because they think they are actually looking younger than them. “If you are going to give a job interview [with acne]You may feel that you are not projecting a mature and mature physical appearance, ”Carmichael echoed.

What’s more, living every day with excessive urges to cover up for social acceptance (such as the scene mentioned above in Suarez) can lead to emotional trauma over time. “It can create a false sense of identity for some people,” Carmichael said.

And to get everything in full circle, this mental anguish can also make physical symptoms worse. “It can turn into a vicious circle where in our high-pressure moments, our acne will flare up, causing more stress,” Carmichael explains.

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