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2B looks like a loose wave and often has a very defined S-wave shape — even without the need for styling. Although the roots are fairly straight, if you have 2B hair, you will find that your wave pattern starts from mid-length and continues to the end.

2B hair, much like the higher hair types on the Andre Walker scale, can be deceptive because your defined wave pattern means you can technically lose the length of the pattern. This means that getting wet can make your hair look longer than it is when it is completely dry. Kelly Harrison, brand manager at BIOTOP Professional, notes that 2B hair is “thick, full and beautiful … if you don’t know how to handle this type of hair, your curls may look wild and irregular.”

Because of your visible texture, you will see that dryness is a constant battle. Like the true curls and coals of type 3 and 4, the natural oils created on your scalp can fight to travel down your hair follicles completely. As a result, dry edges are a common complaint. And if you do not find the right moisture balance, you will find that you are experiencing more intense tingling, tingling and even split edges.

If that’s not enough, type 2 hair can be good, which means clear go-to like coconut oil or shea butter, which is great for type 3 and 4 heads, can leave you with oily locks that look greasy. Instead, you need to look for lighter formulations that help to quench thirsty hair without weight loss.

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