The advantage of adding chocolate collagen powder to iced coffee

But back to the sweet dessert of the morning: if you’re someone who wants to add a dash of sugar to your cold drink, mbg’s chocolate is great for beauty and intestinal collagen + coffee. Not only does collagen powder give you all of the above benefits, it is also made with premium organic cocoa powder and organic monkey fruit extract.

Organic cocoa powder adds a rich, smooth (yet very fine!) Chocolate flavor, but it’s not irresistible or decaying saccharin. Beans are available from South America, East Africa and the Dominican Republic; These high quality cocoa beans have been roasted and ground to retain the highest nutritional value. It is a clean, GMO-free, and delicious source of chocolate. Not to mention, cocoa powder is packaged with flavonols, a special antioxidant that is often used in skin care. *

Organic Monkey Fruit Extract is a low-carb sweetener derived from 100% pure monkey fruit pure, water extraction, a botanical native of Asia (also known as A). Luo Han Guo And “Buddha fruit”). Mogroside, a unique compound of monastic fruit that provides its natural sweetness, has antioxidant properties and is blood-sugar-friendly. *

Not to mention the other nutrients and botanical ingredients in the MBG powder: we will include collagen, cocoa and monkey fruit extract, the mixture is rich in antioxidant vitamin C (read more about why it is important), vitamin E, turmeric, and SGS; Plus, hyaluronic acid, L-glutamine and biotin. The result is a premium daily blend that will give you the tools you need for a bright, youthful look. *

And it’s very simple: add one scoop to your cold brew or iced coffee, shake it properly or even shake and enjoy for delivery.

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