The advantage of running ‘naked’ and what it really means

It’s so easy to get lost in your head and get distracted from the scene and environment you’re running in, and exercising without headphones is a great way to stabilize yourself while you’re hitting the sidewalk. “I really think it helps to hear your footprints,” Boardman explained. “If you’re running outside, you’ll notice the world around you and [are] In the place of that head. “

Of course music can help you hype while exercising, but being able to really draw inspiration from the inside out is a powerful thing. “There are a lot of people who will tell you that listening to music is a performance-enhancing drug — for example, it literally moves people and crosses the wall that they can hit,” explains Boardman. “I think it’s a powerful force when you’re doing it with a friend or you have a goal in mind that you set for yourself.”

Setting your training goals, joining the “naked” race allows you to overcome obstacles using your own determination, which means you are less dependent on external sources and more dependent on yourself for mental strength. “Even if you set your own time, we can [employ] Some of the tactics of that mental contrast, thinking, ‘OK, what exactly are the obstacles in front of me? And then what is action? What’s my plan I’m going to take ?, ‘”recommends the boardman to restructure your mindset.

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