The application method has changed what my concealer looks like

Although I thought using a beauty sponge and setting the powder was the best way to get rid of this pattern, I was wrong. And, really, most beauty influencers will believe that sponges are the last-of-all of makeup application.

Of course, those little sponges come in handy, but there’s actually a much easier way to do that, Well, Easy

Until I saw makeup legend Bobby Brown, I thought of changing it using a completely different method. On TikTok, Brown used his fingers (yes, that’s it), to mix in his concealer.

After trying my own built-in makeup tools, I can prove that the under-eye concealer of the eye can go smooth, long-lasting.

This method works because the body heat of your fingers warms the product. Once the product is warm, it will melt on the skin instead of lying on top. When your concealer works on the skin, it is less likely to slip around, crease or ball up.

When you use your fingers instead of a brush or sponge, you should start with less products. Since you may be accustomed to your mixing tools for wetting parts of your applied product, you may need a little less than you normally use — which is another reason why this method is so great.

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