The link between intermediate fasting and youthful skin, from an MD

As you can see, Yun’s top “treatment” for young skin is not a high-tech cosmetic procedure, not even a product of any kind.

“If you want to look better, the biggest push for your buck? Occasional fasting,” he declares.

In particular, non-stop fasting can trigger autophagy, a “self-cleansing” process that cleanses old, damaged cells and proteins, creating space for new, healthier ones.

And autophagy brings a lot of potential benefits, including increased brain health, blood sugar control — and, YesBright skin.

See, your skin cells also respond to this renewal process: when autophagy is introduced, dull, damaged cells are replaced by younger ones (and smaller, spray cells look brighter).

Consider board-certified dermatologist Keira Barr, MD, another board specialist: “Rosa doesn’t just reboot the intestinal microbiome, which helps [support a balanced inflammatory response] And improves skin health, but it also stimulates autophagy, the self-cleansing process of our cells that breaks down and recycles damaged molecules and cellular organelles, which contributes to cell longevity, “he once shared with mbg.

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.

Yes, autophagy has potential skin care benefits, but it’s not the only way to lean towards your skin.

Think of IF as a boost that you can throw in a moment (and only if you are able – remember, fasting is not for everyone). “If you combine clean skin care products with the right diet and autophagy [with] Non-stop fasting, you are trying to make yourself as young as possible, “Yoon said.


Non-stop fasting can trigger autophagy, which can improve brain health, blood sugar control, and skin health. When autophagy occurs, dull, damaged cells are replaced by young ones.

Proper fasting breaks are different for everyone. You personally stick to the eight-hour meal window (sometimes called 16: 8 non-stop fasting).

“I try to keep it simple,” he notes, encouraging everyone to make their own personal plans. So what if your dining window has to bump up to 12 hours? By all means.

Non-stop fasting, if you want to take food, is what your own body needs.

That being said, be sure to always listen to your body signals during your fast and always consult a professional before starting the journey.

According to Yun, uninterrupted fasting can trigger autophagy, which can trigger cell renewal and help you maintain a bright, dewy complexion.

Although IF is not for everyone – especially those with certain medical conditions or distorted eating history – if it works for you, you may be able to get some skin care benefits.

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