This food processor is perfect for making creamy hummus and much more

Even though I was willing to invest in an expensive food processor, I wanted to feel that I was getting the most push for my money. I wanted an alternative that was efficient but relatively affordable, and my research led me to the Hamilton Beach Stack and Snap Food Processor. I’ve sold over 20,000 positive ratings for $ 60 appliances and haven’t looked back since.

This food processor not only does the hard work of refining large dishes that ordinary blenders cannot do – thanks to the sharp stainless steel blades – but it is also fitted with interchangeable blade discs. These inserts allow me to cut the vegetable into slices to make the fastest meal of my life. Whenever I feel too lazy to deal with a bunch of unprepared products, this feature is a life saver for me.

Of course, the processor itself still packs a lot of power. Pulverizing frozen bananas is one of the most difficult tests for an appliance, yet it delivers excellent cream every time a creamy vegan. (I’m recommending this chocolate collagen recipe.) In fact, the only tool I believe in, with the task of mixing giant frozen bananas without a 450-watt motor burn out, is to emit a horrible burning rubber odor.

My only complaint with the food processor? Like any multi-piece device, it takes a while to clean up. I already hate washing dishes, but I would commit myself to a few minutes of extra scrubbing every day for the creamy hummus, the delicious vegan sauce, and the thick smoothies of this machine. (Also, according to neurologists, all dishes can support my brain health.)

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