Tips for taking care of your skin, from derms

In this decade, you will start to notice that your skin does not come back as before. And thus, the formation of more permanent sacrifices has begun.

It is important to note that wrinkles and wrinkles appear on everyone’s skin when moving the face – regardless of age. These are referred to as dynamic lines. “Examples include eyebrows, forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, lip lines (when you drink from a straw or from your lips), and cheeks in the middle (often referred to as 11s),” said the board-certified dermatologist. Cynthia Bailey, MD, founder of Dr. Bailey Skin Care. “Over time, these lines will deepen and engrave on the skin, just as the folded paper leaves a crease.”

And what we see in the 1930s is that these lines are slowly starting to take a more permanent position, due to the collapse of collagen and elastin. In addition, these are exacerbated in our younger years by any low-star lifestyle habits such as sunbathing and lack of sleep.

This is why many professionals consider the 30s to be an important time for skin care: If you haven’t adopted a smart, healthy aging routine, now is the time. For most, that means just going beyond hydrating lotion and adding Target Active. “Hydrating the skin can temporarily reduce the visibility of wrinkles, but that’s not a solution,” Eun says. “Confirm [consider options like] A retinoide, vitamin C and exfoliation for true skin rejuvenation. ”

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