Top 10 Ingrown Hair Treatments You Need For Summer

Hannah Fry

MBG Assistant Beauty Editor

By Hannah Fry

MBG Assistant Beauty Editor

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June 21, 2022

If you’ve ever had curly hair, you know the drill: it’s red, uncomfortable, lasts several days, and can even leave a dark spot. This annoying, pimple-like bump happens to everyone. Here’s the good news: There are some things you can do to prevent future ingrown toenails and treat those that already exist.

We consulted with experts to learn more about what these bumps are, what to look for in treatment products, some of the best options, and how to avoid them in the future. It’s time to start your smooth, bump-free shaving experience. Let’s get into this.

What is the underlying hair?

Although the name itself is fairly self-explanatory, here’s a technical explanation: “Ingrown hairs are caused by hairs stuck under the top layer of skin,” Jeremy Fenton, MD, a board-certified dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology, told MBG.

Although not all included hair is the same. “Sometimes it is caused by having curly hair that returns to the skin, which is called pseudofolliculitis. More traditionally, it refers to hair that tries to move to the surface but never grows and grows. The skin,” Fenton explained.

The latter can cause redness and inflammation, which may look like a pimple on the surface. Although some of the included hair may be short and go away on its own, others can cause significant irritation and inflammation, which can cause blemishes, especially for those whose skin color is black.

“Darker skin tones can easily lead to the development of dark spots and pigmentation due to inflammation caused by ingrown hairs. Care should be taken not to overgrow the area too much,” clean cosmetic chemist Kripa Kostline told mbg.

As we have said, in the case of ingrown hair, resistance is everything. Board-certified dermatologist Rebecca Marcus, MD, led our search: “Mild exfoliation may help prevent ingrown hairs,” she said. Gentle exfoliation, we go.

How we picked:

These products contain only mild, naturally occurring or safe synthetic ingredients that have been proven to improve skin health. This way, you can treat your ingrowns without worries.

We know ingrown pops up in different places, so we chose a few options for each area of ​​the body. In addition, we have chosen wonderful works for curly hair-induced ingrown hairs with verified user reviews.

We have tested some of these products ourselves so that we can give you genuine recommendations. When this was not possible, we relied on certified customer reviews and expert advice.

We asked dermatologists and cosmetic chemists what to look for in the best ingrain treatments. We’ve included some of their recommendations and used their skills as a guide to selecting these options.

Mbg picks for the best ingrown hair treatment of 2022:


  • May help treat active ingrowns


  • Not the best for sensitive skin

Lifestyle considerations: Vegan, Cruelty is free, Helps to brighten black spots, Safe for pubic area

This serum plays two roles: it prevents A + ingrown hairs but also gives a gentle treatment for them when they reach. It contains two different exfoliators: willow bark extract (a natural form of salicylic acid) and lactic acid, which will also help brighten the skin. Witch Hazel works to tighten pores and reduce redness, while aloe vera soothes irritated skin and offers a much-needed boost of hydration for just shaved or waxed skin.

Best Scrub: Skinfix Resurface + Glycolic and Lactic Acid Renewing Body Scrub

Resurface + Glycolic and Lactic Acid Renewing Body Scrub

Look at Sephora $ 32


  • Physical and chemical exfoliants

Lifestyle considerations: Vegan, Cruelty is free, Helps to brighten black spots

As we mentioned, scrubs are great for preventing underlying hair. Even if you don’t want to take a harsh scrub on the face, a gentle alternative can give a physical exfoliation that can help prevent ingrown hairs. It also contains glycolic and lactic acids from Skinfix, which also act as chemical exfoliants. This is a great option for the body and can also be great for those who have keratosis pilaris (commonly called KP or chicken skin).


  • There is fragrance for those who avoid it

Lifestyle considerations: Cruelty is free, Safe for sensitive skin, Helps to brighten black spots

When it comes to facial exfoliation, you should be especially careful not to use any extra strong exfoliant, as it can block the moisture in your mouth. For those who shave and are concerned about facial hair, this After Shave is a great follow up. It is made with natural botanical oils including rosemary oil (which has been proven to enhance hair growth). Vitamin A works to exfoliate the skin, Vitamin C helps to brighten the skin and Vitamin E works to smooth and hydrate along with allantoin. The result? A clean, hydrated finish, without ingrown hairs and inflammation.

Lifestyle considerations: Vegan, Cruelty is free, Safe for sensitive skin, Helps to brighten black spots, Safe for pubic area

It is as affordable as it is effective. The formula contains willow bark extract and lactic acid which can exfoliate the skin and reduce redness. Bisabolol helps reduce irritation, which is suitable for ingrown spots caused by shaving (aka razor bump). You can use this treatment as spot prevention as well as proceed to any frequent problem areas. This is a small tube, but the reason is that you only need a small amount to see a significant improvement in the visible appearance of your ingrown.


  • Do not treat active ingrowns

Lifestyle considerations: Vegan, Cruelty is free, Safe for sensitive skin, Safe for pubic area

There is dry brushing Tons Benefits for the skin. Not only does it increase blood circulation, it also provides a gentle exfoliation for the body. As you know, this is the key to preventing underlying hair. If your skin is sensitive to chemical exfoliants like AHAs and BHAs, then a dry brush is a perfect alternative. You can use it all over the body, including the bikini area (avoid the face though). Just run the brush over your skin before showering, and be sure not to apply too much pressure – Brussels works for you.

Lifestyle considerations: Vegan, Cruelty is free, Safe for sensitive skin, Helps to brighten black spots, Safe for pubic area

When it comes to bikini lines, you’ll want to avoid anything that could disrupt your pH. While it should never be close enough to reach your pH-sensitive skin, it is better to be safe than sorry. From the lady suit it is suitable for this. This spray can be used weekly to combat ingrown hairs, razor bumps and even post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation that may have come from past ingrown hairs. The formula is mild but effective and pH-friendly.


  • There is perfume, for those who avoid it

Lifestyle considerations: Vegan, Cruelty is free, Safe for sensitive skin

This is great for shaving because it hydrates the skin beautifully. In the shower, apply this stick formula generously until you feel a soft serum-like texture on your skin. There won’t be a big foam, just a smooth feeling. Then go ahead and shave your natural. You can also use it as a moisturizer for sensitive areas. While this is great for resisting the areas covered when you shave, for best results you should double up with another option to exfoliate before you start shaving.


  • Uneven tones and textures help


  • Should not be used in pubic areas

Lifestyle considerations: Vegan, Cruelty is free, Helps to brighten black spots

This is a Holy Grail Body product. You can apply this serum all over the body (except the pubic area) and use a high-quality moisturizer to balance your moisture barrier. I use it myself, and here’s what I do: A day or two before I plan to shave, I’ll wipe this serum, let it dry, and then apply body lotion. Then when Shave’s day comes, I’m ready and ready to go. I like to avoid putting this serum on the right side after shaving as it is unnecessary and can cause some shaking as after exfoliating all the exfoliating products. Bonus: If you use self-tanner, this is a great product to use the day before tanning.

Best for Underarm: Topical High Roller Ingron Hair Tonic

High Roller Ingron Hair Tonic

Look at Sephora $ 26


  • Helps to treat curly hair ingrown


  • Not best for very sensitive skin

Lifestyle considerations: Vegan, Cruelty is free, Helps to brighten black spots, Safe for pubic area

The armpits are a sensitive area, and you don’t want to scrub that skin too much. These roller sticks contain salicylic and glycolic acids that penetrate pores and target bump-forming buildups. Zinc PCA reduces skin irritation. Reviews of this product are especially brilliant with curly hair-induced ingrown and easy skin textures. This formula can also be used as a dark spot treatment to lighten any previous spots on the hair.


  • Not the most sustainable option

Lifestyle considerations: Vegan, Cruelty is free, Helps to brighten black spots

“AHA / BHA exfoliating pads from First Aid Beauty will do the trick,” says Marcus. This is a dermatologist-backed tip, so if you are looking for something with ideal ingredients, this is it. These alcohol-free pads gently exfoliate the skin, while aloe vera soothes and replenishes hydration. These are free of alcohol and fragrance to dry, so these are great for the bikini line. These pads were designed to be used 24 hours after facial or body hair removal.

What is the cause of underlying hair?

“Things that increase the risk of ingrown hairs include waxing, plucking and shaving around the skin,” Fenton said. This is exacerbated when you are removing hair from the skin that has not been exfoliated.

Although you do not need to exfoliate every day, you should try to get rid of dead skin cells before taking a razor, waxing strip or tweezers on your skin. This way, the hair can come out easily and you can shave around without worrying.

“Also, keeping the area moisturized and lubricated before shaving can help prevent these,” Coastline added. Using products like shaving creams or gels can be extremely helpful.

In addition to preparing the skin, lubricating it properly and following the moisturizer, you should use a high-quality razor and change it frequently. Using a dull razor can contribute to the hair follicles and shave less effectively overall.


Ingrown hairs can be painful and uncomfortable, especially in sensitive areas. Fortunately, there are a bunch of cleansing treatments and preventative products on the market to help you avoid these annoying spots. This is the best practice to have with a shaving tool kit and a high-quality razor (here are some of our favorites). As we have said before, once an ingrown hair has caused significant discomfort, you should consult a dermatologist to treat the spot to prevent blemishes or complications.

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