Vitamin D3 trusts Melissa Urban to achieve adequacy

If anyone knows how to optimize their health and overall well-being through nutrition, they are Melissa Urban, co-founder and CEO of Hole 30, and New York Times Bestselling author (his new book, Border bookPublished in October 2022).

If you are not already familiar with Whole30, it is a no-nonsense 30 to skip processed foods (sugar added sugars, grains, alcohol, MSG, sulfite) and pack your plate with vegetables, fruits, meat, natural fats. -Challenge of the day. , Herbs and spices. “It’s not a diet, it’s more than a month-long self-examination,” Christine Thomason, mbg’s director of health and fitness, told her friends while trying out the new Whole30 plant-based program.

Maintaining a diet consisting of whole foods, of course, can improve your health, there are some nutrients that are difficult to get through food — such as vitamin D. The fact of the matter is that vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency affects 29% and 41% respectively. % Of U.S. adults, respectively. In this video testimonial, Urban shares that, like many Americans, he finds it challenging to maintain healthy levels of vitamin D.

“I have been supplementing with D3 for many years since genetic testing has shown me that I do not absorb vitamin D3 in many people as well. Working with my practicing medicine doctor, it was really difficult for me to bring my D3 levels back to a healthy range, ”he explained.

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