Weekly horoscope for June 13-19, 2022, from AstroTwins

Work trips can take you to exciting ports in the next two weeks. Since Sagittarius rules education, sign up for a seminar in a different city … and see if the company will cover (some) costs. Have a skill to pass? Reading can pad your pocket, or if you need to brush to hold, sign up for the necessary training. (Your wallet will thank you.) This full moon entrepreneurial energy is like a round of heavenly startup “funds”. If you have an idea for a business — or a project that will put your name on the company’s leaderboard — the mission can really move forward in the next two weeks. The only need? The desire to hold your neck for what you believe!

Do you need to diversify your dating portfolio? If you keep going (and repeating!) To the same person over and over again in a different package, it will be obvious “Yes!” And that doubles for couples who have gone into old-fashioned grooming. No more hi! This burning and excitement-filled supermoon activates the spirit of adventure! Expand beyond comfortable and familiar “boundaries”.

Like now? A multicultural reunion, bacon and romantic retreat where you can learn a whole new set of skills, such as erotic massage or tantra. How far are you willing to travel beyond your comfort zone? This full moon makes everyone gamble. Stuck in a ditch? A nude honest conversation can bring back warmth.

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