Weekly horoscope for May 16-22, 2022, from AstroTwins

This solar cycle is known to heat up the surrounding activity. Considering living in a bi-city? Check the passenger water and see how it flows. In the sign of the twins, it’s fun to have a plus-one as a companion for all the favorite activities. Find a friend to work out, go to shows or share services like babysitting and carpooling. (Note: You may have separate “twins” for each activity!) As a cosmic communicator, Gemini encourages us to write, broadcast, and create media. Get ideas from your head and into the world!

But remember! Mercury Is Still back until June 3rd, so you’ll want to think through every word until then. And since Sunday, the details have become more satanic as Mercury retreats from a zodiac sign, from busy Gemini to the business-first Taurus. The rest of the retreat until June 63 — we will feel the stubborn, stubborn slowness of the bull while playing. Pro Tip: If a string of green light suddenly turns red, don’t charge the front like a gust of wind! Instead, view this mandatory deadline as a hidden blessing. Go back to the drawing board and review all your plans from budget to timeline. No sudden money movement! With Mercury’s scrambling signal, it’s hard to say a lemon from luxury theft.

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