What does cuticle oil do? 5 benefits for nails + how to apply

It seems simple: just put a few drops on the nail bed (either with a dropper, brush or application) and massage with the tip of your finger. However, some tips can help absorb the nourishing oil deep into the nail bed এবং and who doesn’t want more effective results?

According to Taylor, it is important to take time to massage until the oil is completely absorbed. “Forgetting to massage oil into the skin can leave oily residue, and nails will not have all the health benefits,” she notes.

If you want to soften your cuticle, Lin recommends applying a hand cream and wearing gloves for at least 10 minutes. “Your body heat can help them absorb,” he says. Even better, wear gloves when you do meals for mini spa moments: Vaporized, stagnant water can increase skin permeability, which can help these healthy oils penetrate deeper into the pores for baby-soft skin.

This is probably not to say, but avoid washing your hands after applying cuticle oil. “Washing or sanitizing your hands after application will remove the oil and reduce the benefits,” Taylor said. It only takes a few minutes for the formula to completely submerge your skin, so be sure to set aside that time.

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