What does the color yellow say about your mood and level of happiness?

You probably already know that a sunny yellow color is usually associated with happiness and joy. But science also supports this: “A few years ago there was a study in Manchester, England, where they asked people what their favorite colors were, and then they evaluated their mood,” describes Minich (called the Manchester color wheel). If you are curious). “And what they found was that yellow, the simple, bright, happy-faced yellow, was actually associated with happiness. People who choose yellow have a healthier mood.”

But here’s a matter of a bright, sunny color: take the initiative very close to the sun and you’ll glow. This means that if you feel the urge to avoid the color altogether, you may have what Minich calls “extra yellow” – which he says can express stress and anxiety. “Whenever people move away from the yellow, I think, ‘Ah, it’s been too bright.'” You’re literally burning.

In terms of nutrition, the link between “excess yellow” and stress is also understood: “[Many people are] You’re eating a lot of turmeric these days, “explains Minich. May affect sugar levels, which studies have shown are linked to the stress hormone cortisol.

Of course, the association of this color is certainly not all-and-all. Maybe a mustard tinge clashes with your undertone, and it’s totally subtle! But if you suddenly hate yellow or you like other colors right now, Minich says it’s worth checking your stress level.

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