What you need to know about the meaning of emerald +

According to its author Yulia van Doren Crystals: A Modern Guide to Crystal Healing And the founder of Goldirkus, for good reason, has found emeralds throughout countless myths and histories; “It is a gemstone that can express the great gift of magnetic good fortune, abundance and health,” he told MBG earlier.

Emerald “radiates a powerful force of growth and creative expression”, he said, adding that it is also helpful for “balancing the infamous zeal of Taurus and a natural complement to Gemini’s inquisitive, inventive and creative personality”.

And speaking of Taurus, the bull in the zodiac is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Emerald, for example, is associated with these themes. The color green is associated with luck, as well as with the heart chakra, which further strengthens the connection of this stone with love. Its connection with Venus makes the emerald great for connecting with the earth’s energy, sensuality and passion.

In fact, spiritual writer Emma Mildon even suggests including emerald in a crystal grid for romance, if that’s your thing.

On top of that, Levy says emeralds are known to bring peace, calm and inspiration as well as protection. “They are also known as the stones of loyalty, so you will often see them in Victorian jewelry and they encourage friendship and empathy,” he added.

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