Why boxing coach Ash Wilking prefers MBG’s collagen powder

The nutritional value of these stars is also important for healthy hair growth: if you frequently comb your hair into a super-tight ponytail, you may experience many problems, including breakage and even increased hair loss. This is one of the many reasons why those who exercise regularly may want to consider collagen supplementation, especially biotin. *

See, collagen replenishes amino acids ক building blocks of your hair fiber. * Not to mention, a small study found that women who took supplemental biotin had significantly more hair growth than the placebo group. *

Wilking appreciates the extra support his body needs every day. “I started taking MBG Beauty and Intestinal Collagen + because it hits multiple angles. I knew it would help strengthen my hair and nails and create a glow on my skin, “she explains. *

This is what sets MBG Beauty and Collagen Powder apart from others: it works on multiple health goals simultaneously. Skin texture, tone and hydration and strength and smoothness of my hair. * I add a serving to my morning coffee every day and I feel like I’m starting my day on the right foot, ”Wilking added.

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