Why can’t I focus? Common Criminal + Ways to Deal

If I had a dollar for every time I googled “why can’t I focus?” When I was about to finish my assignments in high school, college, and my writing career, I had enough money to pay the rent for at least a month (which may not seem like much, but the rent is much higher these days!)

The point is, I’ve dealt with a fair share of my attention problems, and they’ve taken over my life from time to time. Deadline can make my body feel like a tiger is chasing. Sometimes, a deadline sticks to me a job; Other times, I get stressed, my eyes close, and my mind wanders with a burning desire to do something literally without doing the work.

Struggling to focus, whether it’s a new experience for you or something you’ve been working on since fifth grade (like me), is boring, irresistible and even scary.

You may be asking yourself What’s wrong with me? You read the page of your book three times before you actually understand the information or your cursor blinks a million times so you can just type one sentence yourself.

The truth is: lack of focus is a reality for many people. Whether the phrase Why can’t I focus? Whether your mind is bouncing around or you need some quick tips to help you write that paper in the middle of the night, we’ve put together the perfect advice from experts to help get you back on track.

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