Why INTP types fight with their emotions + what to do

If you struggle with rationalizing your emotions, Nunez says it is important to practice being present to identify what is happening to you emotionally. It can be like practicing mindfulness to increase your mental intelligence and help you really feel how your body is presenting emotions. “What we want is cognitive development and social / emotional development to match,” he explains.

And according to Neo, you don’t have to worry about becoming overly emotional or letting your negative emotions overwhelm you. “The biggest reservation in overcoming the anxiety of many left-minded people is that they will become overly emotional and very ‘soft’.” That’s not right, “she says.

In fact, according to Neo, being aware and being in touch with your emotions can help you make more reasonable decisions. “It’s about training your emotions and the brain to work With Against each other instead of against each other, “he explains.

Once you get better at your emotional contact, he adds, it comes down to believing them. “Know that your nervous system can control itself and your negative emotions are actually signals that tell you what to do next. Your body is more intelligent than you believe, and if you partner with it you will be able to control yourself,” he wrote.

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