Why material transparency is vital for the beauty industry

Okay, in this episode of Clean Beauty School, I chatted with Sabrina Noorani, founder of ClearForMe, a platform to increase content transparency for brands and retailers. If you browse beauty products online, you probably used CFM without knowing it. Ever click an element and see a small box pop up explaining what exactly it is and how it works? Okay, you were probably on that platform.

Nurani didn’t really have a beauty background – the company was born out of her frustration as a consumer. “My biggest surprise was that basically, there is no standard for how ingredients are labeled. So something as simple as Vitamin C, which is a great ingredient that helps a lot, has 35 different synonyms for Vitamin C. There are 32 different fragrances. There are different synonyms, 12 formaldehyde, 27 gluten, and even more than 60 different ways of water. It can be labeled – and it is water. How can a consumer be expected to find the right product for themselves and what they need Suitable for? ” Noorani said.

And according to Nurani, it’s not about “good” or “bad” ingredients – it’s about giving people the ability to make the right decisions for their skin and health needs. “We need to stop embarrassing people for using certain ingredients,” he says. “There is a lot of guilt involved in doing the right thing and using the right product. We are all very hard on ourselves, and we should relax each other a bit. “

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