Why people tend to clean up when they feel stressed

When you’re worried about something, it can be hard to let go of the constant flow of anxiety in your mind অথবা or what the cross refers to as “chatter.” At that point, Cross advises relying on a ritual: “I like to call them ancient chatterboxes. One thing they do is give us a sense of discipline and control, which is often lacking when we feel it.” Talk to you soon and keep up the good content. “

In addition to feeling the agency, being involved in a ritual can literally take your mind off what is bothering you. “They often demand attention, so they need to focus on these practices to get you to perform them. And it often diverts attention from the chat to something else, “Cross explained.

The event you perform can take many forms, such as gardening or going for a walk. It turns out, though, that a particularly helpful option is to clean up: “When I feel a little gossipy, I’ll do something very unusual to me আমি I’ll organize and clean up,” Cross explains. “What I’m doing there is very similar to how a ritual helps us by creating order around me. It gives me this sense of agency and control that I lack when I’m blabbering on.” In other words: you can’t control a negative event in your life, but you can control the chaos in your home.

And when you know Why You perform this ritual, then whenever you feel pressure you can use it as a tool, which only enhances its benefits. “One of the values ​​of learning about these tools and learning about science is that it allows us to be truly intentional,” he shares. “So you know that the moment you start to talk, you’re going to do these three or four things. You don’t have to wait for something to happen that will help you. “

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