Why should you break up if you outsmart your partner

At the cost of it, you can also increase the friendship — and it can be just as easy to ignore as your romantic relationship. Therapist Alyssa “Leah” Mankao, LCSW, previously wrote for MBG, “When you see that you no longer have ordinary things and are no longer interested in hand-to-hand conversation, it is a sign that people of friendship may have outgrown each other.” Explains. (This also applies to romantic relationships.)

He adds that it is not uncommon for friends to grow up, especially if you have been friends since childhood – but a long history is not a reason to have a relationship or friendship.

“As we grow and develop, so do our interests, values, morals and ethics. The people we were in the past are often not the people we are now, and sometimes, it means leaving friends who support the old narrative that we once were.” Who I was and who I am not now, “he explained.

This is especially true if you feel that special people in your life are not supporting you and who you want to be.

“You may find that these friends may not respect where you are in life and ask you to do something that is no longer compatible with who you are or where you are trying to go,” Mankao notes, adding, “That’s right. There are times when your values ​​and ethics are no longer aligned with friends; however, when differences in values ​​and ethics prevent you from growing and getting to where you want to go, it is best to choose a circle of friends that supports your growth and encourages the best version of you. . “

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