Why sitting can cause body tension + a supplement to help *

Flaxseed oil, for example, is full of beneficial plant compounds called phytocannabinoids, which can increase relaxation throughout the body, including tense muscles. * You’ve probably heard of flaxseed’s most well-known cannabinoid, CBD.

In preclinical studies (rats), CBD and its cannabinoid derivatives have been shown to aid in a healthier inflammatory response and healthier joints. Delivery is an exciting field of emerging research. *

Some researchers suspect that the phytocannabinoids found in flaxseed work similarly to what the body naturally makes (aka endogenous cannabinoids) during exercise. You will get after a good run. *

Mindbodygreen’s cool + supplement combines cannabinoid-rich USDA- and EU-certified organic flaxseed oil with two other cool herbs: horseradish extract and lavender oil. * The result is a daily supplement that can help the body feel somewhat balanced, no matter how fun. It gets stuck in position. *

While calm + can help combat the effects of sitting all day, it won’t cure them. * Be sure to associate it with the right posture (here are some PT-approved tips for your cleansing), occasional movement breaks, and stretches that Improving mobility by focusing and reducing stiffness to stop the pains of that deskside.

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