Why women in their 50s say they like MBG’s collagen powder

However, when you are looking for a collagen powder worth your money, you should look for something that addresses the aging process from every angle, not just for the health of the skin. That’s why MBG’s collagen powder contains a mixture of skin, hair, joints, and intestinal components — such as L-glutamine, biotin, and hyaluronic acid. A bang for your money, so MBG has ensured healthy aging from multiple angles. *

The formula also uses the natural antioxidant power of plants by mixing turmeric and sulforaphane glucosinolate (SGS), a phytochemical found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli. As turmeric and SGS have high anti-inflammatory properties, they support detoxification, fight oxidative stress, protect skin from photojournalism, and support a healthy gut. *

Not to mention, the powder is available in both flavorless and rich chocolate (thanks to premium, organic cocoa), making it easy to incorporate into your daily routine. “I mix it up in brownie, fudge, [and] Coffee keeps my hair and skin in great shape. I see my 50’s as a glorious year, not a golden one, “said Katherine B., another MBG collagen powder fan.

We agree – the 50s are glorious, especially if you are taking care of your body and focusing on healthy aging from all angles.

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