Why you need to create your own life before having a relationship

Some people misinterpret the stages of dating, says Frank. They assume that once they find their mate, their life will begin. According to Frank, this could not be more false; In fact, he argues, it is just the opposite of what you should do for a healthy relationship.

“Building your life and making sure your life is working shouldn’t be a negotiable one for everyone before you connect yourself with other people,” he explains. It means strengthening different aspects of your life Before Looking for a mate, and definitely before deciding on a serious one.

“It takes a village to sustain a relationship,” he continued. “If you don’t have your own friends’ own infrastructure, your own hobbies, your own wellness practices and your own mental health before you enter into a relationship, the relationship is unlikely to be effective or lasting. “Translation: You don’t want to be attached to the buttocks. Couples who are overly dependent on each other run the risk of becoming cohabitant, which can put a strain on the relationship.

Psychotherapist Ken Page, LCSW, agrees: “Leaving the journey of self-discovery যার at least some of it has to happen in solitude দেওয়া to give up one of the richest dimensions of our lives. And our partnership will suffer, as we do,” he recently told MBG. That said, take the time to explore your own interests and get to know yourself before investing in another person; This will help you to maintain personality in the relationship. Think of it as decorating a fully built house instead of a half-finished house — you can’t go home with a tumble foundation.

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