Why you should move your body after each meal

Now, “using your muscles” sounds pretty vague, but that’s exactly the point of Inchausop: the general guidelines for moving your body, and you can take this advice either way. For example, you can choose to walk after dinner, clean around the house, play with your kids, or do something completely different. As long as you are moving, you are doing the necessary work. “Within an hour of finishing your meal, get up and go for a walk, maybe dance to a few songs you like, walk your dog, do the dishes, do the laundry – use your muscles in any way you like,” adds Inchauspe.

Inchauspe echoes research on this exact topic: In a randomized controlled trial, one group of adults was assigned to sit after their meal (think of watching television on the couch) while another group opted for active activity after dinner. The results showed that those who moved their bodies within an hour of eating, even at low intensity and for only 10 minutes, helped control their blood glucose levels.

Inchauspe breaks down how it works: “What happens is that whenever a muscle contracts, it needs energy to do it, and the easiest place for your muscles to find this necessary energy is in your blood glucose,” he explains. . “And we can use it to our advantage.”

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