Why your baby needs wet hair after washing your face

When we say your hair should be wet, we don’t mean your whole head — just baby hair around your head. Bio-esthetician and skin care educator Katie Sobelman shared with mbg that “small strips of skin just before the hairline are often avoided when cleaning.” Why should you think about cleaning this area? Well, lack of cleanliness can lead to breakouts in places where you have pores, hairline too much included.

Sweat, makeup and oils from the scalp can form in this area if it is not cleaned properly. And if you tend to use dry shampoo, edge control gel or other hair products in this area, you may want to be more careful. These breakouts are especially common for those who wear headbands (even more so if you don’t wash them regularly).

You do not need to use a specific cleanser for this area: just enter with your go-to face wash. If you use an oil cleanser (also called double-cleansing) before washing your water-based face, try using that cleanser on the hair line as well. This will help break down makeup and buildup. Now, if hairline breakouts continue even after you apply this habit, your cleaning habits cannot be blamed. If you are curious then you can read all about hairline pimples here.

Basically, wet baby hair on your forehead, near your temples and near your ears is a great sign that you have completely cleared the hair line that you have repeatedly ignored. It may be easier if you can wash your face in the shower, but it is also a good rule of thumb when you wash in the sink. After you wash your cleanser, dry it with a clean towel and rub gently on the hair line to dry the baby’s hair and remove any remaining dirt or makeup.

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