You may be shocked by the clarity

Then the rest of the week, probably as a result of this mindset change, the energy looks like a continuum of refinement of a relationship or work situation from last week, but with a slight further increase in clarity. More information is coming in to help you be more clear about what you want. The story unfolds, and comes through with a deep desire for what you want.

Some of this can be a process of finding out where you are not claiming your abilities in a situation. For example, it could be a relationship where you make people happy instead of finding out what You You need to be able to find the structure of what makes you happy in a relationship in general. Do you need more freedom or more boundaries? All this is becoming clearer to you.

Or maybe, you have your own business and you are very careful to make sure that your customers do not go against it You Really want to offer. There is nothing wrong with wanting to publish the best product or if you work for someone else, doing a great job. But if you give yourself pleasure in the workplace, moving away from the reason you first started your work, you are out of alignment with your purpose. You have the right to a job where people who work for you or your customers are happy:And You are happy too

Another element that may come to you is what your ideas, such as success or perfection, actually mean to you. And those are just two examples – it can be anything from body image to happiness in general. Evaluating the structure of our lives in different ways is a theme right now.

I had a client who was comparing his lack of success with someone else’s success. I find that his idea of ​​success looks like a house with nothing. The outside was very clean, but inside, it was actually empty. This means that for him, Success felt that it was real only if people could see it and that it had an external shape, but internally he did not know what it meant for him.

We talked about how it would be helpful for her to start evaluating her creativity and the process of what she is creating so that she can feel the inner feeling of perfection. This led him to realize that external perception was merely a delusion, and moreover, dissatisfaction within himself and within himself. This is a perfect example of some of the tests that may come this week.

Not just this week, but small steps in the months ahead are key It is so important that we value a process that is not only brighter and faster, but also slower so that the way we know ourselves can be so important and transformative in the long run.

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