Your guide to the best affordable mattresses of 2022

Good sleep is vital to maintaining good health, so owning a mattress that helps you sleep at night should be a top priority. Although everyone needs something a little different from their mattress – just ask the sleepers on the side – one of the most important factors when choosing your new mattress is budget. But while there is no shortage of expensive mattresses, there are plenty of high quality alternatives available at reasonable prices.

When shopping for the best affordable mattresses, we recommend looking in the সী 500 to $ 1,500 price range to get the most out of your money. Any cheap thing often lacks durability and quality ingredients that value the mbg value in a product, which means you only need to recreate your purchase in a few years.

Once you’ve chosen the ideal cost for your purchase, you’ll want to consider a few different personal components such as the desired level of firmness from your mattress, the materials you are comfortable sleeping in, and the sleep positions supported by the design.

Need more help? Read on to see a comprehensive list of the perfect best affordable mattresses you can buy in 2022.


It is difficult to purchase a new mattress because of all the possible options available. Knowing what you value on the mattress can help narrow down your choices. Fortunately, there is no shortage of affordable mattresses with cool, durable and pain-relieving picks from brands like Slip on Latex, Echo Terra and Awara. Be sure to reuse your old mattress when the new one arrives!

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